Q: What if I want to go to a dentist which is not in the panel i.e Out-of-Network?
A: You can visit any dentist or hospital of your choice, however if your dentist is not within our panel, depending on the benefit you are seeking treatment for, there may be a lower limit to what you can claim on your bill or the benefit may not be applicable.
Q: Who are the in-network dentists?
A: You will be issued with a user name and password with your policy documents on enrolment to the plan. This allows you to access the updated full list of In-Network dentists from the website http://www.cynergycare.com/members/provider-directory.php. Alternatively, you may contact Cynergy Care at 6222 3157 to request the panel listing.
Q: What happens if I have reached my policy annual limit of cover?
A: If you have reached your annual limit coverage you can still benefit from Cynergy Care services.

Simply contact Cynergy Care at (65) 6222 3157 for a referral to a network provider where you can enjoy high quality dental care at privileged rates.
Q: Will I be covered when I am overseas?
A: Yes. You will be covered worldwide 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for dental emergency services and Accidental Death.

You will enjoy full coverage of benefits 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in Singapore.
Q: What is the procedure in the event of an oversea emergency?
A: We understand that an appointment may not be easily arranged when you are overseas. Therefore, you can submit your reimbusement claims  for emergency dental treatment upon your return to Singapore.
Q: Would there be any benefit for my immediate family members?
A: Yes, your immediate family members are eligible for up to 25% discount when they visit our In-Network dentists for treatments.
Q: Is renewal for the My Dental Care plans automatic?
A: Yes. Automatic renewals will be made monthly or annually, depending on the payment frequency you have selected at the point of enrollment.
Q: What is the Indexation Factor for this plan?
A: It is a yearly 2.5% increase in Accidental Death Benefit, Annual Policy Limit and Premiums, which has been included to cope with rising medical costs.
Q: How do I make a claim for the plans?
A: In-Network
Upon visiting your dentist with a prior appointment with Cynergy Care, you will only need to pay for the fees that are not covered under your Policy. Hence you do not need to complete any claim forms.


You will need to request a claim form from Cynergy Care, which will need to be completed and submitted with the original invoice for claims assessment/reimbursement.

Q: What are the methods of payment?
A: Currently, payment by Credit Card is the only accepted mode of payment.